SRRS ULTRA4 King Shocks Shootout at Back Door

SRRS ULTRA4 King Shocks Shootout at Back Door
East Coast vs. West Coast


Johnson Valley, CA: Fifty teams from across the US have signed up to compete in the first ever SRRS ULTRA4 King Shocks East vs. West Showdown at Back Door during the weeklong 2014 Griffin King of The Hammers Presented by Nitto Tire event held in Johnson Valley, CA. This shootout will feature both ULTRA4 vehicles and Rock Bouncers in a shootout style competition at the infamous Back Door trail.  The shootout will pit drivers from East of the Mississippi against drivers from the West Coast to see whose vehicle has what it takes to climb Back Door the fastest.

King Shocks, 4 Wheel Parts, Raceline Wheels, RCV and Dynomax have come together to raise $12,500 in prize money. $7,000 will be awarded to the driver with the fastest time up Backdoor.  A $3,000 prize will be awarded to the fastest driver from the opposite coast: for example, if an East Coast driver has the overall fastest time, the 2nd place prize will go to the fastest West Coast driver. The dividing line between East and West will be the Missisippi River. RCV is also sponsoring a $2500 prize to the driver that is named the crowd favorite at the event. Billet Rifle Systems has also offered a special prize to the overall winner of the shootout.

“Back Door” is one of the most popular obstacles in Johnson Valley and is located just a short distance from Hammertown.  It is a favorite among spectators as it features an extremely steep waterfall that requires drivers to hammer down in a make or break attempt to climb the waterfall. Spectators can expect to see extreme 4WD horsepower and some spectacular carnage on failed attempts at clearing the ledge.

The event will take place at 6PM on Monday, February 3rd at Back Door in Johnson Valley, CA.  Below is a list of all 50 entrants. Spectators will need to have a spectator wrist band in order to view the shootout from inside Back Door Canyon.  Starting order for the shootout will be drawn on Monday, January 13th, 2014 during the LIVE show at 4 Wheel Parts. To pre-purchase your spectator wrist bands, please click here.

List of ULTRA4 SRRS King Shocks Shootout Participants:

Driver Location
AJ Rockwell Tennessee
Avery Genosi California
Ben Napier Australia
Bill Baird Kentucky
Bobby Tanner Tennessee
Bradley Britton Oklahoma
Brandon Dillon Tennessee
Bree Moliter Tennessee
Brian McCarthy California
Charlene Bower Arizona
Clint Ellett Colorado
Cody Waggoner California
Dave Eulberg California
Gary Leach Arizona
Glen Bonner California
Jacob Wright California
Jake Hallenbeck Nevada
Jason Bartram Oregon
Jeremy Hammer Arizona
Jesse Haines Nevada
Joe Lawson Kentucky
Joe Pierce Maine
Joe Pierce Maine
Josh Patt Colorado
Justin Cardwell Oregon
Keith Kanig Oregon
Kevin Sitzes California
Laura Dunlap Arizona
Lawrence Collins South Carolina
Luke Wilson Kentucky
Matt Myrick Alabama
Mike Odom Oklahoma
Mike Slawson Oregon
Nathan Jones New Mexico
Nathan Lambert Tennessee
Noah Pomerantz Oregon
Perry Kirby Tennessee
Phil Pasciak Nevada
Pierre Burns Arizona
Randall Allen California
Randall Key Alabama
Randy Slawson California
Richie Keith Tennessee
Ryan Delaney Oregon
Ryan Miller Arizona
Shawn Fisher Indiana
Shawn Sheble Arizona
Steven Woolsey Missouri
Trent Trubenbach Texas
Tyler Ude Arizona
Uriel Varela Arizona