Maxxis King of Wales
Walters Arena, Wales

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The original and oldest race on the ULTRA4 Europe circuit, this course has been a part of the ULTRA4 Europe series since 2012. The terrain is gnarly Welsh forest interspersed with rocky river beds, quarries, and the main arena where all competitors start and finish their laps. The event is held at Walter's Arena, a 1,600-acre motorsports complex in a reclaimed coal mine in South Wales. The ULTRA4 unlimited class, the legends and modified classes will all be racing at this event. The course is a grueling 16.5 KM course that competitors will tackle repeatedly over multiple stages throughout two days of competition. This year will feature more kilometers than any year prior with between 148KM and 181KM depending on class. 

Amenities for race teams include: camping, showers, bathrooms, catering, licensed bar, jet wash

The nearest village to Walter's Arena is Glyn Neath which has the following resources available: fuel filling station, mini supermarket, take away food

Maxxis King of Portugal
Vimioso, Portugal

The Ultimate Iberian Race. Known as the race of the rocks, this race encompasses more than 150KM over 2 days of racing and multiple stages.  One of the most well-known features of this course is called Dinosaur Eggs, which consists of geological rock formations that spread across the landscape; these large oval rock formations prove challenging for the most advanced ULTRA4 vehicles. This will be the 5th annual ULTRA4 Europe race held in Vimioso, Portugal. The entire town welcomes race teams like family with communal dinners served throughout the event. 

Amenities on site for teamsinclude: camping, showers, toilets, catering, licensed bar, jet wash

Maxxis King of Britain
Bovington, UK

King of Britain is the fastest course on the European calendar and the racing will take place in stages over the course of 2 days.  The tracks and obstacles at Bovington Tank Training Grounds are designed to stop tanks so it’s a true test for ULTRA4 vehicles.  It is also the longest race to round off the Maxxis Ultra4 European Championship.  The diversity of the terrain in Bovington is a true showcase for ULTRA4 unlimited vehicles, the terrain ranges from high-speed graded track, tight, tree-lined fores trails, loose river beds, and drainage gullies. This will be a great grand finale to a challenging season. 

Mileage for this course will be total more than 300KM for the unlimited ULTRA4s, 260 KM for 4800 (legends), 231 KM for 4500 & 4600 (modified and stock vehicles). 

Amenities on-site include: Camping, Bathrooms, Showers, Catering, Licensed Bar, Jet Wash area (teams need to supply own jet wash)