Titan All-Terrain UTV Series -- Rush Spring Results

Photo by Alan Johnson      

The following are results from the 7th race of the Titan All-Terrain Cross Country Championship Series Presented by HCR! Congratulations goes out to all of our competitors, especially our podium finishers: Anthony Yount (1st), Jamie McCoy (2nd), and Justin Barth (3rd).

A huge congrats goes to Jamie McCoy for winning the overall series, followed by Anthony Yount in 2nd and Justin Barth in 3rd!  See full season results HERE!

Name: Number: Laps: Time:
Anthony Yount 69 9 01:31:49.80
Jamie McCoy 70 9 01:32:15.70
Justin Barth 417 8 01:36:56.00
Philip Poe 6 7 01:18:02.30
William Thomas 4924 7 01:34:36.00
Chris McDaniel 7665 7 01:38:48.70
Knox Griffin 278 2 30:26.40
James Cantrell 502 0 --