ULTRA4 is Heading to China

For the first time ever, ULTRA4 Racing and several top drivers are heading to China. King of The Hammers co-founder, Dave Cole and ULTRA4 Drivers, Jason Blanton, Brian Caprara, Nick Nelson, Mike and Randy Slawson and Tom Wayes are all flying to China this week. They will take part in the 2016 FB Life Alxa Hero Festival. The festival which started around the same time as King of the Hammers, takes place October 1st - 5th in the Tengger desert and will include an ULTRA4 demonstration by these drivers with ULTRA4 cars. The closest town to the festival is Alxa Zuoqi in the province of Inner Mongolia.  Keep an eye out on ULTRA4 and King of The Hammers Social Media for images and updates after the event!