Time Sure Flies When Your Working on The Spidertrax Rock Bug

1/16/2011: We’re one day away from finishing up the 1st stage of Rock Bug 2.0. Today we focused on wrapping up the LS throttle cable mount & new dual battery tray. We’re running dual batteries this time around for added “starting” security. With the flick of a switch, we’ll be able to run either battery of choice or both together in parallel. Tomorrow, which marks the last day The Rock Bug will be in our shop before KOH, we’ll fabricate the engine skid plate and finish up with the remainder of general assembly. Until then, enjoy the video & photos from today’s progress and we’ll see you back here again tomorrow.

1/14/2011: Once again we’re burning through the midnight oil working on Rock Bug 2.0, getting yet another step closer to V8 glory. Since our last update, we fabricated a new intermediate drive shaft to accommodate the length change of the Atlas. Aside from that, the rest of our energy has been absorbed in general assembly which, as you builders out there know, is a massive time suck. We’re looking forward to the weekend where we “should” have uninterrupted time with The Rock Bug, finishing up the balance of our checklist in time for delivery to Tracy this Monday.  Up next, we’ll be fabricating an engine skid plate as well as a new set of sway bar arms to match the stiffer racing sway bar. Be sure to check in again this weekend as we wrap up this stage of the Rock Bug 2.0 project.

1/13/2011: Another day, another step closer to having the Rock Bug race ready for the 2011 King of the Hammers. Since our last update, we’ve wrapped up new mounts for the orbital valve, oil filter, thermostat, power steering reservoirs, & electric water pump. In addition, the tranny cooler & radiator are now in place, settling perfectly into their new homes (the tranny cooler now lives up front with the radiator in back). There’s still plenty to wrap up before we deliver the Rock Bug to Tracy this coming Monday with the engine skid plate next on the list. We’ll be sure to post another update this weekend as we come to a close for this first stage of work in the Rock Bug 2.0 series.

1/10/2011: Since their last post, Spidertrax received the “Jet Coasted” exhaust back from the platers with everything looking perfect. Tracy flew in to Spidertrax HQ this weekend to lend a hand with the installation of the plated exhaust as well as other odds & ends. The rest of their time has been occupied with the fabrication of a new radiator mount & guard which is now coming to a happy end. Next up they’ll be wrapping up with the electric water pump & orbital valve mounts which I'm sure they’ll post updates of.

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