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PSC Race Program Benefits Customers

PSC’s commitment to racers is paying dividends for all of its customers. Products developed specifically for the racer are making their way into PSC’s regular lineup. In addition to new product, the folks at PSC are improving how the entire steering system is put together. “We’ve developed some very positive relationships with many of the race teams and as a result we’ve been able to work directly with them to develop new product and to improve upon current products. Through these relationships and the punishment the racers are dishing out, we’re learning a lot about pushing a system to its limits. And, we’re learning ways to move the limits further out so a system can live longer and perform better,” says Lance Gilbert, PSC representative. “The pump generally pays the price for any deficiencies in how the system is set up and installed. The value of a properly set up system has been known for years, and our experience working with racers has confirmed how absolutely critical these things are when building a system that will be tortured.” PSC now offers #12 feed lines on a number of their pump-reservoir combinations in place of the traditional #10. They say that the larger line will help keep the pump full of fluid, resulting in more consistent performance and longer life. “A #10 line can provide all of the fluid that a pump can use – on paper. What we’ve discovered is that there are almost always circumstances that will restrict what that #10 can deliver. The #12 will make approximately 30% more fluid available to the pump and will better be able to deal with any hurdles that might pop up,” says Lance. The larger line is just one of the many improvements made for racing now being offered to everyday customers. Contact PSC Motorsports for more information.