IRC Tracking the 2011 Griffin King of the Hammers

International Racing Consultants (Tustin, CA) has tackled the formidable task of tracking the competition for the 2011 Griffin King of the Hammers.  With a proven track record in sporting events around the world, IRC will be the eye in the sky to let fans, teams, and race organizers keep track of the action.

With a Satellite based GPS receiver and transmitter, the IRC transponder can acquire your current position and upload that data to be displayed on a virtual course map.  Aside from tracking and publishing your current position, Iritrack also notifies the command center if your vehicle has experienced a high G load, evidence of an accident, or a rollover.  In the event of an accident, IRC Command Central can initiate two way communication via satellite to determine the status of the occupants.  If assistance is required IRC will coordinate rescue efforts with Race Operations and the appropriate Medical and Safety crew.

Aside from the significant Safety improvements, IRC also brings the race to the masses with a full color Satellite map indicating position and speed of the cars.  A full screen display will also be available in Hammertown to allow your crew to get a true indication of the position of the race car.

The partnership with Hammerking yields many benefits from a Safety and Operations perspective, but the racers gain as well.  As an introductory offer, IRC is offering their services to KOH Main Event racers for $150 including mounting kit and antennas.

If you are interested in improving the Safety and Competiveness of your team as well as bringing your performance into the homes of your fans and sponsors, there is no better bang for the buck.

Tracking units are not mandatory for 2011.  Units will be available on Thursday at Tech/Contingency.  Please contact Dave Cole ([email protected]) to reserve your unit.