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Texas is full - Drivers list for PSC Brawl in Blackwell

The following drivers are already registered for the PSC Brawl in Blackwell and have a chance of winning the Nitto Tire National Championship. Unlike other races in 2012, we will be taking the top UNQUALIFIED drivers which means we are guaranteeing a minimum of ten KOH spots for finishers in Blackwell. There are 15 KOHG spots on the line at Blackwell. We also will be taking the the top 5 teams who have raced a minimum of 3 regional races, including Blackwell (KOH and LCQ do not count) based on series points. Series points can be found here.

Please note: All drivers MUST complete their full registration and have it mailed to Hammerking by October 19th.

2012 PSC Brawl Nitto National Championship Registration  NO NEW DRIVERS WILL BE ACCEPTED AT THIS TIME.

Driver Name KOH Qualified
Brian Shirley *
Adam Carter
Jason Shipman *
Tj Flores *
Nick Nelson *
Shannon Campbell *
Aaron Peters
Levi Shirley *
Tim Diekmann *
Darren Henke *
Derek West *
Hal Deschamp *
Jason Pickett *
Jim Brown
Dustin Isenhour
Doug Kahlstrom Jr.
Clint Ellett
Loren Healy *
Gary Ferravanti *
Mike Feagins
Ben Dinkins *
Chip McLaughlin
Mike Colville *
Matt Burkett
Kevin Gamble
Jordan Townsend
Clay Gilstrap
Kim Matzen
Alex Hardaway
Greg Lundeen
Tony Arledge
John Sweet *
Matt Peterson
Erik Miller *
Tim Smoluk *
Jonathan Terhune *
Troy Stone
Andy Brown *
Bill Baird *
Chris Hoyt  *
Jeremy Dickenson *
Cottin Rodd *
Jason Scherer *
Travis Watford
Scott Decker
Tom Wayes *
Spencer Murphy
Mark Danzo
Will Carter *
Nathan Unruh
Toby Harrell
Jack Childers, Jr.