2012 Rausch Creek Schedule and Entry Form

2012 Rausch Creek Entry Form

The Rausch Creek race pits drivers against the coal dust of the Alleghenies in terrain that can range from dusty to muddy. This will be the 4th year for this event making it the 2nd oldest Hammerking Promotion. 2012 King Erik Miller first got his start on this East Coast course. Famous for its dense trees and unpredictable weather, this is a course that challenges many west coast drivers unfamiliar with the terrain.

Entry forms are due by May 15th, 2012. Late entries will still be received with a $100 late fee. All payments must be made by check so do not delay in filling out your entry form.

Rausch Creek Schedule

-Tech from 8am -noon
-8am prerun opens
-noon qualifying race (behind main office)
(qualifying starts at noon and will end 15min after last rig is lined up DON"T BE LATE)
-4pm prerun closes
-5pm dinner at pavilion
-6pm driver meeting in pavilion

-9am line up starts
-10am RACE starts (with or without you)
-6pm race course closes

Details on race course
-All levels will race at once with Ultra first, modified 2nd and stock 3rd off the line
-Course length will be about 15 miles
-6laps for Ultra and 4 laps for modified and stock