2019 KOH Races Qualifying Order and Times

As promised, here are the 2019 KOH Qualifying Times and Order by race. If you are not qualifying, your placement at the bottom of your class is where you will start on race day, behind everyone in your race that did qualify. Those that are qualifying will be placed in order based on their qualifying times for the official starting order. 

UTV Qualifying Saturday 2/2:

2019 King of the Hammers Updates

Good Day Y'all--As you may realize, King of the Hammers 2019 is just three weeks away! Can you believe it?! That means that while you're busy prepping your race car, buying your tickets in advance and putting the finishing touches on your travel plans, we're right in the hustle with y'all, getting ready for the LIVE Pre-Show, getting updates from our awesome sponsors, prepparing to hit the Lakebed for build-up and keeping you all in the loop on what's going on when!

Multiple Ways to Join in on the Fun of KOH 2019!

Want to make the most of your KOH 2019 experience? We've got you covered! The only thing we ask is What Level are You?!

2019 King of the Hammers: Latest Update

2018 King of The Hammers Driver and Team Updates

Kyle Crouch Wins the 2017 Vision X Shootout

A late add to the roster and a first time competitor at King of the Hammers, Kyle Crouch, age 37 from Kentucky, took down rock-bouncing legends like Bobby Tanner and Richie Keith to win the 2017 Vision X Shootout Presented by KMC, King, & Nitro Gear.

USAC Insurance for KOH 2016


USAC Racing Memberships for
ULTRA4, EMC, UTV & KOM Classes

Currie KOH Video Contest

logo_currie_enterprises wp

The Currie-KOH video contest will be going on the entire KOH week. We are asking contestants to film videos (30-45 seconds) of Currie sponsored vehicles and submit the videos one of 2 ways.

Zero Tolerance for Drunk Driving at KOH

2014 KOH Logo for Web

Notice to all KOH Attendees:

KOH Week LIVE Coverage!


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