BiTD Silver State 300 Entry Form: Get Your Race Registration Mailed In Today!

The next adventure in Ultra4 Racing is quickly approaching, and getting your registration completed and mailed is priority one. Because this race is sanctioned by another party, it is crucial that we follow their rules and regulations, even when it comes to their reg forms. Please take time to print the PDF form below, fill it in COMPLETELY, include your $200 deposit, and mail it the address on the form. NOTE: E-mail and fax copies will not be accepted.

2011 Silver Sate 300 Entry Form

BiTD is recommended that the form be printed on legal size (8.5"x14") paper to avoid any incomplete fields or illegible data. However, if needed, the "fit to size" option will work. If any signatures on the 2nd page are missing, the entire form will be considered incomplete.

Get your form and deposit mailed in today to be eligible for pre-run! See you in Vegas! "What happens in Vegas, gets posted on!"