Race Prep Racing Signs 3 New Sponsors

Simi Valley, CA:  It is with great excitement that the Race Prep Racing team announces their partnership with Coast Motor Supply, SW Airflow Services and West Coast Cylinder Heads.  Richie Carter, driver and co-owner of the 4474 race car, determined early on this season that the car deserved a little more power than the original motor supplied and these three sponsor companies have made this a reality. 


A new 6 liter LS motor is currently being installed in the Race Prep Racing car, just in time for their next race, the Stampede in Reno, NV, September 7-10.  With motor, parts and porting services all provided by the sponsors, driver Richie Carter is able to focus on getting the rest of the car race-ready.  “My confidence in Coast Motors, Shane [SW Airflow Services] and the guys at West Coast goes back decades.  They understand motors, racing and performance and I trust their work,” said Carter when asked about his choices for this important upgrade.  While not necessarily the “big motors” many of their competitors are using, the 6 liter is a big step up for the team and a solid and affordable choice.  Knowing the limitations of the car as a whole, they chose this motor over other options to keep the balance between speed/power and the “weakest link”.  “Every car has a weakest link,” Carter noted, “my goal here was not to put more motor in the car than she can handle.” 


Richie Carter has a consistent track record this season in the Ultra4 Series thus far:  qualified for King of the Hammers during the LCQ and finished the race where attrition took out over half the field, finished 13th at the Silverstate 300 earning his qualifying spot at King of the Hammers 2012, and finished 17th at the American Rock Sports Challenge in Utah earlier this summer.  With one solid finish after another in a racing series known for heavy attrition, the 4474 team is excited to add these new supporters.  All three companies understand that consistency is critical in a racing series like Ultra4 and their involvement with the team shows their support for Carter and the team’s future racing plans.  “Our goal is a solid series finish this year and the new power will help us get there.  I couldn’t think of a better group of companies to work with on the motor project and I’m excited to show off their work,” Carter said about his new sponsors.


Richie Carter can be seen behind the wheel of the 4474 car in Reno, NV at the Stampede, September 7-10, and then at Glen Helen for the final series race, the Grand Prix, October 21-23.