Mavcoat Steel Shield Official Corrosion Inhibitor of ULTRA4


Mavcoat® Steel Shield has been recognized as the official corrosion inhibitor and rust preventative for KOH and ULTRA4 for the 2014 racing season.

Maverix Solutions, Inc. has developed a specialty corrosion prevention coating aimed directly at protecting any and all bare metal parts.  It is called Mavcoat® Steel Shield.  The company, based in Santa Ana, California, manufactures high tech anti-stick coatings for aerospace, defense, and other industrial applications.  They have placed their proprietary technology into Steel Shield and made it available for everyone from the off-road enthusiast through KOH racers.

SteelShieldCan_SlightShadowWebThe foundation of a trail rig all the way to a full KOH-prepped race car is the chassis.  Drivers who chose not to paint and use a bare metal chassis need the ultimate in corrosion protection to prevent rust and oxidation from damaging the exposed metal surface.  Since Steel Shield makes painting unnecessary, repairs such as cracks or broken welds can be made easily.

Mavcoat® Steel Shield is extreme protection for extreme environments.  It is designed to withstand any moisture our rigs come into contact with.  Even when storing your rig during rainy and snowy winter months or while hauling rigs across state lines to EJS in driving rain, Mavcoat® Steel Shield stops rust and corrosion from occurring.

Best of all, Steel Shield is weldable! It does not have to be cleaned off or removed prior to welding.  Use Steel Shield to protect other critical components such as shock towers, High-Lift jacks, winch cables, heim joints, links, leaf springs, and all other metal components where moisture and rust can destroy parts.  Many fabricators are already using it to protect raw metal parts before delivering their cars or fabricated parts.  Distributors of Mavcoat® Steel Shield include Trick Toys Fabrication, AllTech Motorsports, Fabworx Offroad, and Jimmy’s 4x4.

Steel Shield will be available through these distributors in Hammertown at KOH 2014.  Print out a Mavcoat® Steel Shield product data sheet by going to

Learn more about the manufacturer, Maverix Solutions, Inc., by visiting their website, emailing [email protected], or calling 714-501-6383.