Fly-N-Hi Again!!!

On your mark.  Get Set.  GO!!!!   Once again, dreams cannot be ignored, even in what seems to be the never-ending worst of times. That’s why after building a high performance rock buggy from the ground up in 2009, and racing in 2010, we are heading back to race in the Griffin King of the Hammers - "the toughest single day off-road race on the planet".  We have a great story from last year's race, which leads up to the excitement for this year, and we want to share it with those of you who have not already been showered with the stories!!!  :)

Scottsdale resident and local businessman Jeremy Hammer will be competing, along with his Co-Driver, Sam Steinman (Avondale resident), in the Griffin King of the Hammers LCQ off-road race in Johnson Valley, Calif. Feb. 6-11. The race is over 100 miles and draws people from around the world to participate and attend. The terrain is some of the toughest you will ever see out there!  Which is why Jeremy and Sam are going back...they ended last year's race 52nd - but did not finish the race (only 43 trucks actually finished the race!).  As you go thru the course, you have to pass check points by certain time intervals.  In the first portion of the race, they broke their rear axel and ended up in 3 WD for much of the race.  With a tremendous effort by the race team - the axel was switched out in minutes at the 80 mile mark and FNH Racing was off again....they missed the next check point time cut-off by 8 minutes!!  ARGH!!!!  So, this year the challenge of the finish line is back like a dangling carrot in their face.....and we are gearing up to go!!

With that in mind, we are having a fundraiser to help us get there on Wednesday, January 26, 2011 - 6 pm at The Side Door (SW Corner of Hayden and Osborn).  We will have live music, an auction, pizza, drinks, good times - and, of course, the FNH Race Truck will be on display.  Let us know if you can make it!!!

We look forward to seeing you there!!

Check out the video...we are the last ones on the video...if you go to the 11 minute mark - you will see Fly-N-Hi take off...and listen closely as they introduce the FNH car! This email is to serve as a reminder of the FNH fundraiser on Wednesday night...we hope to see you there!!!