4130 Clothing and Team 4405 Partnership Will Focus Land-Use Issues to Youths.

4130 Clothing (www.4130clothing.com) and the 4405 “land-use” Team (www.ovrocksports.com) have partnered for the 2011 Griffin King of the Hammers (www.kingofthehammers.com and www.ultra4racing.com). The partnership will focus on getting land-use issues into the eyes of younger OHV users, who normally are not involved with keeping public lands open to the public. According to 4405 team manager and promoter Kurt Schneider, “If you were to attend a trail work party or land-use meeting, you will see that most of the people in attendance are over 35 years of age. In order for our sport to survive, we need to get the younger generation aware of land-use issues, active in trail stewardship and educate them in responsible use. Teaming up with 4130 clothing will give us a way to reach out to that younger generation. Furthermore, 4130 clothing is very active in the land-use realm, so we are excited to partner with them.”

4130 Clothing is geared towards the younger set of OHV users, especially desert racers, weekend wheelers and garage fabricators. The style has stemmed from the Southern California desert and has spread throughout much of the West Coast with the younger generation of four wheeled, off highway vehicle users. 4405 driver Travis Carpenter states, “4130 clothing reflects my lifestyle, so I, as well as many others on the 4405 team, wear it on a regular basis. Because of that, we actively pursued 4130 clothing as a sponsor. We can’t identify with the motorcross apparel that the dirt bike crowd wears, but I can identify with 4130. It’s what we like to wear. It is who we are.”

The 4405 “land-use” buggy driven by Rock Zombie club member Travis Carpenter has become land-use’s flag ship. Modeled after BlueRibbon Coalition Ambassador Del Albright’s “war machine” Jeep, the 4405’s mission is to raise awareness of land-use issues, promote responsible OHV recreation, trail stewardship and trail awareness, especially with the younger generation of OHV users. Currently, the 4405 team is holding a fund raiser at the 2011 Griffin King of the Hammers with a “race-a-thon” for the BlueRibbon Coalition. The team is asking people and companies to “pledge per mile” at www.sharetrails.org/4405

Evan Serling, President of 4130 Industries, is excited to partner up with the 4405 “Land Use” Team for the 2011 season. He states, “4130 is experiencing a lot of growth right now and we’re actively looking to expand into other areas of the off road racing industry. Since 2007 our focus has been on Baja style desert racing but now we are working on branching out into other areas such as 4x4 rock-crawling. When Kurt approached me about a partnership, I was immediately interested by the message they were promoting and for the fact that it would be a solid entry point for 4130 to step into the 4x4 off road world.” Currently 4130 Clothing can be bought online at www.4130clothing.com or at retail stores across America such as No Fear.

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