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Starting order for Saturday Morning MetalCloak Stampede Morning Races  Race: 1 UTV Pro Heat 1 1 - 2972 J. Bor (Cus) 2 - 79 C. Scherer (Cus) 3 - 24 C. Clark (Cus) 4 - 90 D. Gomez (Pol) 5 - 1987 M. Lippman (Cus) 6 - 220 T. Zollinger (Cus) 7 - 215 B. Miramon (Cus) 8 - 1128 C. Peoples (Cus) 9 - 1966 G. Lisenbery (Cus)
Updated Saturday Schedule Available here Starting Order for morning races Available here
Updated 4/16 to reflect several drivers that finished 4400 race after 7PM as well as Albert Contreras in 2nd Place in the 4600 class and Michael Justo in 3rd place.  4400 Class
Points for all KOH Week ULTRA4 races have been assigned. Click here for a full description of how points are assigned.  2/3 of the race for UTV and EMC was Checkpoint RM 81. 2/3 of the KOH Race was successful completion of 2 laps.
Updated as of 2/21 Corrections made based on official Finish Line times for laps 1, 2  and 3  vs. Yellowbrick Timing Segments. Yellowbrick's checkpoint was as cars entered Hammertown not at the official finish line. Official timing at finish line takes precedence over timing segments.  Also a 5 point typo between Caprara and Shirley was corrected moving all drivers between 935 and 745 up 5 points. 
Update as of 2/20/2018 - Justin Hall was incorrectly assigned 4800 class. With his correct placement in 4500 class, everyone with points from 835 to 730 gained 5 points. Those that finished out of 2/3 gained 1 point for each segment they completed. So if your score was 515 for 4 checkpoints it's now 519.