9:00 -10:30AM                         Prelim 1
Last month at the grueling Rausch Creek Qualifier; Ultra4 Rookie, Bill Baird m
The Ultra4 Stampede takes place in the heart of Reno, Nevada. Our partnership with Exit 28 Motorsports allows us access to 100,000 acres of the toughest terrain that Nevada has to offer. This event in its second year has quickly become a favorite of Ultra4 racers and sponsors alike.
Set your DVRs to record the Griffin King of the Hammers appearing on "Lucas Oil...On the Edge!"
PSC Motorsports congratulates all the Ultra4 participants from the
The Rausch Creek Ultra4 Series points and split times have been updated. To view points awarded for the 2011 Silver State 300 click on the link below: 2011 Raush Creek Split Times and Series Points
May 24, 2011-Pine Grove, PA: The unlimited 4