UTV points refreshed and updated at 6:20 PM CST
2020 has been an odd year which has impacted the the National Points Race calculations for 2020 ONLY. As outlined in the 2020 Season Schedule Update: As far as qualifying for 2021 KOH 4400 Race, the following will get you in: 
4WP Nitto Tire Nationals Schedule of Events Thursday, Oct 229AM Driver Registration | Media Registration
Positionally these are correct finishing order. There is a simple formatting issue with Total Time that is currently being addressed and will be updated very shortly, as will specific lap times. Thank you for your patience. Nitto Tire 4400 Unlimited class results
THE JESSI COMBS FOUNDATION ANNOUNCES SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM Plans to issue scholarships to women pursuing a career in the trades   
KOH is the big question everyone is asking. We are actively working with the county and BLM to ensure a successful, on time event. We are excited and encouraged that 2021 will be one of the best King of the Hammers ever. Secondly, Ultra4 North events will become official points races in the 2021 season, concluding with an Ultra4 North Champion in all classes.
Venue Change for Sept 17-19 We are proactively announcing a venue change from Reno, NV to Area BFE in Moab, Utah. We are committed to ensuring teams and sponsors have ample notice of changes. With the uncertainty due to the impact of Covid-19 on racing in Reno, we felt it prudent to make this change now.