results as of 7:10 PM, Feb 1, 2021
Race results as of 7:15 PM Jan 30, 2021 Overall winner: Wheeler Morgan B2
Starting order for the Sunday, January 31st race. Each class is racing their own class (T1's vs T1's, B1's vs B1's, T2's vs T2's). STARTING order, however, is mixed classes based on qualifying time to keep the fast guys out front. In addition to each class having 1, 2, 3 place winners, there is an overall winner between the B1's and the T2's.
updated 3:45 PM PST 1/30/2021
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A Statement From Our Team: As we look forward to this year’s King of the Hammers, we want to take a moment to help clarify the steps we’ve taken to create a safe event for all.  This is an entirely outdoor event in a remote desert location that expands over 92,000+ acres.