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The current, official points matrix has been updated and upgraded. Please click here for points  
Results throuigh 4800 class. 4400 class results pending.
Qualifying order by class. There will be 2 UTV Preliminary Heats and 2 4400 Unlimited class Preliminary Heats. Odd number qualifying positions will be in Heat 1, Even number qualifying positions will be in Heat 2
*** please note update at the bottom of the page - updated 7/28/2021 *** In an effort to align UTV rules across race series, event organizers have been working on a more uniform set of rules and classes for UTV's in the sport. This has been discussed and vetted across multiple race organizations (and manufacturers) and we would like your feedback and comments during this open feedback period.
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Results updated at 7:11 PM CSTAll Class results posted.