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April 2021

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The 2021 El Rey de Las Bajas is upon us and we can't wait to return to beautiful San Felipe, MX, for the 2nd running of this awesome race in this incredible town. For those who were the Bandidos Originales in 2019, you know how welcoming the town is, how challenging the race is, and how cool it was to participate in the first official ULTRA4 race in Baja!
Final results as of 5:41 PM EST April 17 Please note that 4600, 4500, and 4800 are all in Main 2, but they are separated and ranked by class.
Following the conclusion of the 2021 King Shocks Area BFE Beatdown 4400 Unlimited class, a red card was filed in alignment with rule 12.1.1.
Race results updated as of 8:24 PM MDST on April 4, 2021 Scroll down to see additional results. All class results are currently posted. Please note the 4500 and 4800 ran together, so they are combined on the Heat, but scored and ranked by class