January 2018

Qualifying on Saturday 2/3 - Racing on Thursday 2/84600 Pro Comp Qualifying and Randomized Start Order
List Updated as of 1/29/2018  Any additional shootout contestants will start at the top. 
List updated as of 1/29/2018. Those that register post 1/9/2018 will start at the top of the qualifying on Tuesday 2/6/2018
Updated as of 1/29/2018 - Those that paid for qualifying will qualify in top order on Saturday 2/3. Those that did not pay are randomized below and will start in that order on Wednesday behind those that qualify. 
Updated as of 1/29/2018 - those that paid to qualify will qualify for start position on Saturday 2/3/2018. The rest is the randomized start order behind 4500s and 4800s
Those that paid to qualify will be qualifying on Monday February 5th, 2018. Randomized start order of those not qualifying listed below.   - updated as of 1/29/2018
Hammerking Announces 2018 Nitto Triple Crown of Off-Road  
Mojavewifi.com offers Wifi for Vendors, Spectators, and Teams, at 2018 Nitto King of the Hammers powered by Optima Batteries
The Official 2018 Hammertown Map is available here.  Poison Spyder Ave has changed to Savvy St. Mastercraft Ave has changed to HolleyShort Course Suburbs has changed to Hammertown Heights Driver address assignments updated 1/23/2018 for all drivers registered through 1/22/2018