USMC Color Guard to Present National Colors during Opening Ceremony

(January 26, 2011 Camp Pendleton, CA) BroadSword Racing, a team composed primarily of active duty Marines, and Jeff Knoll's wildcard pick for the 2011 Griffin King of the Hammers, is proud to announce that the United States Marine Corps will be providing a Color Guard detail for the opening ceremonies of the Griffin King of the Hammers race on February 11, 2011. This will be the first time in the five year history of the event that the National Colors will be presented by members of the United States armed forces. Jeff Knoll is particularly pleased to be having a Marine Corps Color Guard perform this duty since his father is a former Marine and Vietnam Veteran.

"My first trip to Johnson Valley was with my Dad many years ago, and he is the person who introduced me to off-roading and racing back in the early 70’s,” said Jeff Knoll of Hammerking Productions. “He was stationed at Camp Pendleton and 29 Palms before serving in Vietnam, and can be seen flying his Marine Corps flag above his RV every year at KOH.”

The Color Guard is a four-person formation of Marines in appropriate military uniform. They post and retire the flag while rendering to it the proper customs and courtesies. This honored traditional detail adds dignity to the event while showing respect to our Nation and those who have served it. During ceremonies, the Color Guard presents the flags of the United States and that of the Marine Corps, and is flanked by two rifle-bearers. A salute is rendered by dipping the Marine Corps flag while holding the National Ensign high.

About BroadSword Racing:

BroadSword Racing is an offroad race team primarily composed of active duty Marines with multiple Iraq / Afghanistan combat tours. For more information about the team, please visit the team FaceBook page.

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