Scott LeSage

Drivers Bio: 
Scott from Fox. 2019 Results: 2nd at Ridgecrest 3rd in Western Series 4th in National Series. Racing a non-turbo UTV in an unlimited class because: "It's more fun to drive a slow car fast than to drive a fast car slow" - Abner Perney. I started off road racing in college with the Oregon State University Baja SAE team in 2009-10. ( Friends from the team and I would make the pilgrimage down to KOH nearly every year. In 2015 I moved to San Diego to start my career at Fox. I bought the race car in 2016, raced the local D38 desert series in 2017, and entered my first Ultra4 event in 2018, wining Ridgecrest that year. 2019 was my first KOH and complete season with Ultra4.

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