Christopher D'Auria

Drivers Bio: 
Team Straight Jacket Driver Chris AKA. Dizzy comes from a long background of sports and Motorsports from local Friday night stock car racing to hockey. He has always turned everything into a competition. Coming from Connecticut the small town of north Branford, he played hockey from five years old through his senior of high school. A diesel mechanic since 16 helps Dizzy, with mechanical knowledge to keep the Jeep going on the course and getting things repaired in the shop. Co driver Anthony Laudano grew up side by side with Dizzy. As friends through elementary school to best friends when they got their drivers licenses. Anthony played soccer his entire child hood to become captain of the high school team. A strong bond between him and Dizzy makes for a great flow in the car. Anthony an ASE master tech gives him the benefit of being able to make any repairs on the course and in the shop. Team owner Chris comes from a family of offroad enthusiasts his mother competing in offroad racing it was a natural transition to have his part in Ultra4. Chris is always looking for some type of vehicle to push the limits in be it his canam or a GTR he’s always all in. Team manager Brian has always had his hands under the hood of the truck or car. From a young age always taking his trucks offroad Brian shares the same passion in this sport as the rest of the team. Brian a wireless project manager by day makes the transition to team manager by night very easily. James the team welder and fabricator is a huge asset, coming from a road course fabrication shop to building the 4677 was an easy transition. Which resulted into some amazing work from sheet metal work to tube work he does it all and makes it pretty while he’s at it, nothing is just good enough for James it must be perfect. Team crew members and transportation team Kegan, Jamie, and Ben. Are an amazing asset getting the Jeep and support vehicles to the races and turning from driving right into pit crew. These guys cover all bases. Gregg who is also Dizzy’s father came aboard to help with the day to day tasks and prep of the car, not leaving a grease fitting un greased or component untouched. His 40+ years as a diesel mechanic helps with his attention to detail. Dakota is an avid off-roader and ASE certified mechanic, helping him know what it takes for the Jeep to survive and also how to fix anything that needs to be repaired.

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