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Tony Perez

Drivers Bio: 
Tech entrepreneur and executive turned off-road enthusiast and racer. 2020 is my off-road racing rookie year. I'm about as useful as a fork in a bowl of sugar. Heard about KOH in 2017, visited the event for 2 hours in 2019, and left wondering if I could drive one of these rigs. In 2019, I purchased a 4500 car, and now I'm driving one. Go figure. Racing and off-roading is how I pass time. During the day I am one of the Founders of CleanBrowsing, a tech-startup focused on helping creating family friendly network environments. I help parents and organizations strip out content they don't want their users to have access to. To get here I partnered with the RPG Offroad group, lead engineer was Darrin Doucette. We gutted the old 4500 car and revamped the entire platform to help make it as competitive as possible. My main sponsor is me! haha! I am just a guy that wants to send it and is naive enough to think he can do it with the best in the world.

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