Matt Garofalo

Drivers Bio: 
Matt Garofalo (driver) hails from the upstate NY region. He and his brother, Joe (co-driver), have been involved in the off road community for over a decade and grew up in northeast PA rock crawling and off-roading at parks like Rausch Creek and Paragon. They both have deep racing roots from BMX when they were kids and know how to handle pressure! Matt is the current Vice President of the Finger Lakes 4x4 Club based out of Rochester, NY and continues to try and give back to the off road community every chance he can get. He is a mechanical engineer in the automotive industry by day and always plans on being calculated and prepared for the worst on race day. Matt and Joe also compete in the Line Mountain 4 Wheelers (Class A Unlimited) racing series in PA, so they love going fast through the trees and aren't afraid of getting muddy. They recently finished 3rd place in the 2017 Line Mountain 4 Wheelers season points and look forward to an exciting 2018 race season!

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