Kristen Carter

Drivers Bio: 
Kristen Carter (40) is the wife and co-driver for the 4474 Race Prep Racing car driven by her husband Richie Carter (41). The two successfully qualified for KOH 2011 in the LCQ and finished that year\'s race in 34th place. Other notable races: 2011 Silver State 300 (13th) and 2012 Vegas to Reno (11th). Both desert races earned them KOH spots for the following year. The team boasts an amazing volunteer pit crew, most of whom have been with them since the beginning. Race Prep Racing is also proud to have a solid list of sponsors supporting their efforts: Falken Tire, Warn, Raceline, RCV, Dynomax, Coast Motor Supply, Odyssey Battery and Alltech Motorsports. Finally, the team races for Gwen, Kristen\'s niece, who suffers from SMA (Spinal Muscle Atrophy), a degenerative neuromuscular disease that has taken her ability to speak, eat, breathe and move. Her foundation raises funds to fund a cure as well as to support those suffering from this debilitating disease. For information, please visit

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