Justin Baney

Drivers Bio: 
Registered Nurse with some mechanical experience. The 4698 JKU is the first jeep I have purchased and have wheeled on both coasts. Got my start in auto racing in The 24 Hours of Lemons a few years back when a Radiologist asked if I was interested and I then built the car and had a blast doing those races but eventually got board. I have always dreamed of off road racing since I was a kid watching movies of the Baja trucks when growing up. After watching Ultra 4 racing a few years back I knew immediately that this was something I wanted to do. It wasn't until 2017 when after watching the EMC online with my wife that my dream would start to become a reality when she turned to me and said I think you should build your jeep to do the EMC. I didn't waste the moment and started planning immediately at that instant. So with the support of my wife and a few close friends that I am grateful for having, I am able to make a long time dream come true.

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