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Greg Torney

Drivers Bio: 
I'm Greg Torney- 24 years old, amateur engineer, based out of Colorado, and team driver (1 of 3) for Torney Race Concepts. Most relevant quote: "60% of the time, it works every time." I live for racing- when I'm not behind the wheel, I'm in the garage designing new parts and concepts to be the absolute best. I race alongside my dad, Matt Torney (4800, #804) and brother, Ben Torney, (Class 11 VW, #84). We're a family operation and wouldn't be out here doing what we do if it wasn't for family. 2023 will be our fifth season of racing overall and fourth season with the Ultra4 family. For 2023, I'm leaving nothing on the table and unveiling my full OPEN class 4900 race vehicle. Our '22 season may have been a little on the lighter side, after some ridiculous breakages such as splitting my X3 in two pieces at an incredible YORR race, but we'll be extremely lively in '23. As for my car, everything is fully custom. In-house CNC control arms, oversized steel knuckles, hydraulic steering, and a 'mostly-custom' one-off adaption of my ol' 2019 frame. Team partners include SEDONA Tire and Wheel, WARN Winch, RCV Axles, KC Hilites, PRP Seats, and Rugged Radios

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