Frank VonderHeide

Drivers Bio: 
<p>Frank has a rock crawling history dating back to the early 2004s! He quickly realized that competition was in his blood and began competing heavily in the local rock crawling and short course events. In he stepped up his game and began competing in RROCK in Hannibal MO. With a stock 4.0 and 5 speed in his YJ, and a D44/8.8 axle combo, he managed to win the series in the Legends class. Frank competed the following year in the RROCK series, finishing the season with 3 second place finished and 1 third place finish, putting him in second for the series. With RROCK closing it's doors, Frank look for the next step in his racing career, which was WEROCK and Dirt Riot. He soon found that the faster open racing was where he wanted to be, but the old YJ was getting pretty beat up and the frame was tearing apart at the welds! So he pulled back and focused on building his auto repair business and waiting until he could build a competent race vehicle! The time has finally come.....</p>

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