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Andrew Goodell

Drivers Bio: 
This will be the third year Andrew and the Jager2337 team will be racing KOH in the EMC Stock class. The team is made up of veterans (active, retired and former), law enforcement, civil servants and other good Americans! Our early bronco (Bertha) is a unique 49 year old rig, everything on the truck has been custom fabricated in Andrew's tiny 2 car garage (with another car parked in there). The team members have worked hard to build a tough truck and the the team Mom (Andrew's wife Susan) has kept everybody fed and the beer fridge stocked. The team name "Jager" was named after Andrew's golden retriever who unfortunately passed last year. Jager was always there when Andrew was wrenching, usually within arms reach. Jager also loved to co-dawg rock crawling in Big Bear. 2017 will be fun and challenging. Lots of new designs, parts and fabrication have been put into Bertha to make her strong!

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