Phil Pasciak

Drivers Bio: 
I started competing as team Voodoo in 2002 in CalRocs with my co-driver Chris Larsen. We did that for a few years then a couple of WE Rock events later on. In 2012 we gave KOH a shot and Qualified 67th out of about 138 or so cars with the same four banger that's been in the same car since 2002. Unfortunately the Dana 44 wasn't up to the task of KOH. 2013 team Voodoo attempted to Qualify in the LCQ with stronger axles this time, but didn't make the cut. 2014 we just had some fun in the Backdoor Challenge. This year we're back in the same old junk, more appropriately in the EMC 4800 class, still on air shocks and the 22r and gonna give 'er hell.

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