Ross Glave

Drivers Bio: 
I am owner of Flex Point Off Road of Redding Ca. I have owned flex point for the past nine years. Off Road Competition lies in my blood, a competitor for nearly ten years of Calrocs, six seasons of Nor Cal Rock Racing, and my fourth Season of Ultra4, lining the office shop is a entire wall of trophies and memories of my racing history. I also have the first official registered 4800 car in the entire class. My first KoH I made it one mile from the finish line with a brand new car that I had never been driven finished the night before the main event. A .50 cent fuse took me out. My second year of King of the Hammers, my th400 fell apart at mile 16. My co pilot ant I spent six miles walking in the desert and wrenching on the car, I must say there is no more peaceful place to work on the buggy more then Johnson Valley. The third King of the Hammers I raced this past season, I finished the race out of official time, I believe we were the last team to cross the line that night and the only team that didn't run a real GPS, I have a burnt paper map that we used and lost twice that was burning on the exhaust wrap under the passenger seat. On the last trail of the race upon exiting the rocks of Aftershock my front driver side shock ripped in half and the car caught on fire instantly. I was able to put the fire out and we drove the last 20 miles to the finish with only three shocks. The faster the car went the better it drove since the suspension wasn't banging into the engine bay as bad. Upon one of the last sand trap assents there was a pile of rocks in the center of the course with barely any room to squeeze by on any side, let alone with a missing front shock! I told my co pilot this would be bad and I had to go against my driving style and go rock bouncer on it because I knew there was no way to get around it in a reasonable effort based on my years of Calrocs driving experience. I flew up the sand hill and smashed the hardest I could into the rocks and instantly the car stopped from the axle plowing into it and the front driveshaft yoke snapped in half. We had to dig out the underneath of the car to get room to get the driveshaft yoke off to swap it. After the repair my co pilot went up the hill to look for anything to hook our JM Rigging Supply winch rope onto. He found a rock the size of about two feet around and hooked up to it. I started pulling, then out of the darkness I see the rock coming to look as if it was going to come rolling down into me and the car. The rock stopped moving and the car started to move forward barely as the engine was coughing to stay running over loosing oil pressure that we had battled as soon as we got into Claw Hammer. I had to take turns fluttering the gas pedal and hitting the winch switch slow as the batteries were dying and the alternator taking a extreme beating. Switching between both banks of Optima Batteries I run I was able to keep the power in check while cresting over the rock pile and we were free! Just three miles left to the finish, the last three miles was the most frightening part of the race, no more lights, we were lost and somehow made it across the line after time. I had the most fun I have ever had while doing the most challenging thing I have ever done, I look forward to King of the Hammers 2017. My list of current sponsors include Trail-Gear, Yukon Gear & Axle, Raceline Wheels, Reid Racing, Ruff Stuff, All Terrain Concepts, Slag Factory, JM Rigging Supply, FOA Shocks, Torco Oil, Warn , Slag Factory, Airaid, Optima Batteries, Snake Eater Performance, Magnaflow Mufflers . I also have a few local sponsors as well, including Orilley Auto Parts of the lake blvd store of Redding, and Jerry Butler of Snap On.

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