Madix Bailey

Drivers Bio: 
Madix started his racing career after watching his grandfather and father participate and attend races in his youth. When he was only 4yrs old they purchased him his first Jr 1 Trophy Kart for Christmas and the following year he was racing. While racing the JR 1 Kart for over 2 years, he was moved into JR 2 while still racing JR 1 Kart. Madix raced both Karts for a year and then shifted his focus to the JR 2 Kart. Enjoying his success in the transition from the different level of Karts, he had his eyes set on the illusive Mod Kart. While racing the Mod Kart and putting everything he had into that season, a season that didn’t pan out as he had expected, Madix took some time off to re-evaluate his goals and his future as a racer. With racing in his DNA, Madix came back to the racing scene a short time later, fired up for the future. As the Prolite Driver for the #29 in his rookie season in 2020, Madix was able to lock in the 3rd position in points and secure his Rookie of the Year in the Prolite class. With his sights set high for the next coming seasons, Madix is sure to be a kid to keep your eye on. His grit and determination can be seen on and off the track. Madix is consistently working on improving his skills and understanding of his race vehicles and spends a considerable amount of time putting work in at the #29 garage. The future is bright for Madix. In his first Trophy Truck Race Madix was able to secure a 2nd overall finish 1 min behind the Leader. Madix can't Thank his sponsors enough Lucas Oil, Mavtv, Stronghold Engineering, Toyo Tires, Vp racing fuels, King shocks, Pro am, Kroyer RAcing Engines, and FarmHouse collective. Stronghold Motorsports

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