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George Schooley

Drivers Bio: 
George started Moto-Cross Racing as a teenager. His first vehicle was a four wheel drive truck and essentially he has been into off-roading on and off ever since. In 2005, at age 42, a buddy talked him into racing Jeeps on the East Coast and that’s how it all started. In 2016 he went to the King of Hammers and entered the Last Chance Qualifier. The experience was indescribable and he was hooked. Following an unsuccessful attempt at qualifying for “the big race” in 2016, LORR was joined by Bob Wimmer, Driver for the #4864 car. #4442 raced Ultra 4 in Kentucky during Fall of 2016, thus qualifying for KOH 2017. In December 2016 Legacy Off Road Racing purchased the Miller Motorsports Pro Chassis that had won the 2016 KOH. In 2017, placing overall in 11th place and 7th on the East Coast was awesome, but finishing KOH 2017 in the 36th spot was euphoric! Racing at this level takes a lot of heart in the shop and on the track and we're grateful for everyone along the way.

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