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Jay Schwab

Drivers Bio: 
#4881 : Following some crazy dream that was born out of watching Dust to Glory in 2005... Otto Offroad is based in the PNW, where off-roading looks more like forest service roads and rock crawling than the desert racing I dreamed about doing 17yrs ago. Our local trail runs with Jeeps quickly evolved into wanting to race & do something more competitive. So, in 2020 I sold off my Jeep and found a Ultra4 Bomber(#3) that perked my interest. From then, its been a process building a small program and learning the ropes of off-road racing. Co-Driver David Rochon and myself bring our Marine Corps backgrounds into Otto Offroad with the drive to build a successful and competitive program. We couldn't do this without the support of our friends and family. #4881 #TeamYukon - Yukon Gear and Axle #OnYokohamas - Yokohama Tires #WarriorBuilt232 - Warrior Built 232 MoFab FullStack Motorsports PRP Seats Rigid Industries 5 Rights Brewing 2023 KOH Top 4800 Rookie Finisher 7th Place finish at KOH 2023, 4800 class 11th Place overall finish in the EMC

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