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James Schofield

Drivers Bio: 
James "Bama" Schofield, Alabama raised gear head with a huge upbringing in the shop with my father and his friends building engines at a young age and going to drag races seeing how the combinations improved or didnt. Weekends consisted of drag races and planning the next race. Started up the offroad gig in early 2000's with Bluetorch Fabworks where the buggy builds and wrenching was a daily gig, got into professional drag racing involved in the Alcohol classes (boats, and Dragsters, Funnycars) where I was able to work for teams on weekends as needed for free just to get in , once in I quickly made it a mission to become the guy in the pits that can do it all from tuning to servicing, managing/applying horse power is the hardest thing there is to do, chasing wins in NHRA is most weekends during the season(18-24 races) . I build engines for a few guys in the ultra4 series and tune for a bunch of the guys . I have taken a more aggressive approach in my personal life to branch out of the "james from Bluetorch" roll and just be James and be involved in a bunch of entries in the U4 races from tuning to engine work to just helping at races close to home . Company is DIY Fab selling the best covers on the market and dabbling in the brackets and tabs world.

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