Jackson Watson

Drivers Bio: 
Jackson started dirt riding fairly young at around 7 years old riding recreationally with family in the mountains and deserts of western Colorado and eastern Utah. Despite his bike choices growing faster than he did for a while (watching him kick a full size YZ250 at 12 years old was entertaining!) he's put on some impressive skills over the years and has had his sights on KOM for around 18 months now. Part of his prep has been riding the KOM course after last years race to get a taste of the challenges along with racing the WEBE enduro series in Colorado and Utah and throwing in a couple of the Rocky Mountain Enduro Circuit races and the Moto Mayhem endurocross series just for fun too. WEBE results for the 2017 points were a little disappointing in that he started the season as a C racer, was immediately kicked up to the open bike B class and after winning that class a couple times ended the season racing open A and being humbled a little by finally being pushed to mid pack finishes. Jackson has some Ultra4 blood in his veins from his Dad and Uncles 5 year Ultra4 campaign and the families continued work with Offroad Design sponsored Ultra4 drivers and Kevin Stearns and Jimmy Jack's modified efforts in particular.

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