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Casey Gilbert

Drivers Bio: 
Hi Miles and Pam 2010-2013 raced stock class cherokees at the Baldlands offroad TREC series 2014 Started racing with ultra 4 in the 4600 class placed 4th in that years EMC race, not much success in any regional races 2015 LS swapped the cherokee and was the fasted to mile marker 5 at KOH before we ripped the front and rear suspension out crashing over a burm 2016 Built the MM pro chassis for 4800 class, Broke a driveshaft while running top 10 at KOH and ended up hiking to camp from chocolate thunder to get a spare shaft, ended up 16th, Raced a few regionals nothing fancy to write home about 2017 @nd year running the new car at KOH and came out swinging with a big kid motor, broke the t case in half racing Bailey cole for the lead. Got my first Ultra 4 win at the clash at crossbar ranch this year( the year of the rain), I broke my back prerunning for the badlands race and shannon Campbell ended up racing my car for me the remaining two regional races and I got back in for nationals. 2nd place at the badlands, 6th in kentucky, 8th at nationals( reno hates me) 2018 4800 1st place at KOH second overall to dan fresh, 1st place kentucky, 1st place OK, 1st place PA, and 7th in Reno(place hates me) but won the national championship 2019 1st overall at KOH, 1st AOP, 2nd KY, 2nd OK, Reno I slipped getting out of my car and shattered my foot(again reno hates me more), Erik miller drove for me and got 8th. 2nd national points 2020 KOH caught the car on fire at MM 37 burnt it up bad, Covid, Covid Covid Finished 4th aop 4800 and 7th in 4400, 2nd place at nationals (running under hartmans name) 2021 KOH 3rd place, KY 1st,

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