Harley Aigner

Drivers Bio: 
Harley has an insatiable desire to drive and compete. He's been behind the wheel in the Nevada and western states deserts 12 years before most have their license. His early years of competition were spent building and racing open wheel dirt oval modifieds. Suspension technology, design and improvement along with engine systems carried over with him when his interests shifted towards rock sports. Before KOH went official, he had built his first linked suspension truggy. The research, refinements and fabrication skills expanded over the years until concept became reality when the "Fordty500" was completed. Encouraged during construction by local racer, Victor Fontana, the #4581 was completed to be Ultra4 compliant. The decision was made spontaneously in the fall of 2017 to compete in the 2018 KOH. Short on time but long on determination he is a man and a machine capable of tackling the toughest terrain.

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