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Brandon Anderson

Drivers Bio: 
Brandon “Caveman” Anderson, grew up driving anything and everything with an engine. Getting a his own mini bike at the age of 5 and pulling over his mom’s triple by the age 8. As a teenager, he and his friends got into racing amateur snow cross all around MN and WI while he began his career as a heavy diesel mechanic. Designing and fabricating grew from hobby to passion as he built multiple off road trucks, building his first rock bouncer in 2016. 2020 was a crazy year for many, it was also the year that opened the door to Ultra4 racing for Caveman. His enthusiasm for racing quickly went from spectator to competitor in 2021, racing a combination of the eastern and western series of Ultra4 4900 class races in his 225 numbered Polaris 1000XP Turbo. 2022, however, rung in with the UTV in pieces from the previous season and, well, life happens! 2023 will be a new year with a freshly rebuilt rig! Here’s to many finish lines and checkered flags!

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