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Brent Veenstra

Drivers Bio: 
Brent started racing 1450 back in 2007 in the MDR days. He raced a 1990 Toyota that he built in his parents drive way. After 4 seasons of 100% DNF's, he decided to get rid of the Toyota and change direction. Taking a step back to figure out his next move he decided that a trophy truck would be the next adventure. After finding his dream chassis from spencer low racing, it took 6 years of blood sweat, tears, and working a ton of overtime, to get the truck up and running. In his first season of racing the trophy truck class in 2019, he received the class one championship in the M.O.R.E racing series. Unfortunately due to COVID and all the uncertainty of racing and struggles that a lot of independent race teams went through,2020 just wasn't a great season. Hoping to turn that around and start off 2021 with a bang Brent decided to go all out and race KOH against some of the biggest names in desert racing. With a crew of friends and family by his side he is hoping to show that he's not just another trophy truck on the course but someone you should keep a look out for.

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