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Dawson Allington

Drivers Bio: 
Dawson Allington/Baby Jeep Racing (updated for KOH 2022) It has always been his dream to race King of the Hammers from the time he bought his first jeep when he was 15 years old. 2018 was Dawson's first year racing. Dawson raced the 4600 Stock Class. He finished 2018 earning the Western Series Championship & the 2018 Ultra4 National Championship. Dawson raced KOH2019 two weeks after finishing radiation treatment for Stage 4 Brain Cancer (Medulloblastoma) which he had surgery in November 2018 to have the Tumor removed. Dawson raced the entire Ultra4 2019 Western Series while he continued to recover. 1st Place Ultra4 Nationals, 2nd Place Western Champion, 3rd Place National Champion. Dawson is disease free as of his last MRI 7-8-21. Dawson also went to Crandon International 50th Anniversary. (August 2019 & 2020). He took his 4600 Stock Class Jeep to Crandon, Wisconsin to race against/with the 4400 unlimited cars. He held his own with an incredible 6th place finished in 2019, 7th place in 2020. When testing for Sturgis on August of 2021 the 4595 Race Jeep had a mechanical failure that caused Dawson to have a fairly nasty crash and broke a lot on 4595, so Baby Jeep Racing was unable to attend the Sturgis race. Since the accident Dawson has worked tirelessly to get 4595 back up and running for KOH22, 4595 got taken back to its birth place at Tribe16 in Fort Worth, TX. Where chassis repairs were done and some upgrades were added, when 4595 came home to SLC, UT reassembly started quickly and the race was on to get 4595 race ready for KOH22. Dawson- I would like to thank all of my supporters for believing in me, even when I may not believe in myself. Also my amazing sponsors that have supporter for the past few years!- Sierra Gear and Axle, Tribe16, Redline oil, Baja Designs, Custom Splice, PSC Motorsports, Wilwood Disc Brakes, Off The Grid Surplus, Trail Ready Beadlock Wheels, and Desert Speed Shock Tuning,

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