Dawson Allington

Drivers Bio: 
Dawson Allington/Baby Jeep Racing 2018 was Dawson's first year ever racing off-road, ultra4, driving a race car. It has always been a dream of his from the time he bought his first jeep when he was 16 years old, to race King of the Hammers. Dawson raced in the 4600 Stock Class he finished off 2018 by earning Western Series Championship & 2018 Ultra4 National Championship. The day before leaving for the King of the Hammers 2018 race in February, Dawson found out he had a brain tumor, it was very devastating news. Dawson chose at that point to keep the information to himself & his immediate family. He was told that it would need to be removed. Dawson & his neurosurgeon discussed it and chose to wait until after the 2018 race season. After Nationals, Dawson had surgery to remove the tumor, from there he was to learn it was stage 4 cancer & one of the most aggressive types of tumors. Dawson went through radiation therapy, finished just in time to make it to KOH2019! KOH2019 was definitely the race of all races for him. Down 52 lbs. 2 weeks out of radiation. Dawson got in his race jeep in the freezing weather, the only day out of all ten days that it snowed on the lake bed, and raced his raced. Finished unofficial 5th. Dawson is disease free as of his last MRI 10-2-2019. Dawson also went to Crandon International 50th Anniversary this past August. He took his 4600 stock class Jeep to Crandon, Wisconsin to race against/with the 4400 unlimited cars. He held his own and an incredible 6th place finish. Dreams do come true, you just have to be willing to fight for them. #inittowinit Thanks to Ultra4 for the opportunities they have brought to the 2019 season, Sierra Gear and Axle, Metal Cloak, Falken Tires, Desert Speed Shock Tuning, Currie Enterprises for all the support. Special thanks to all the medical staff that has and continues to take care of Dawson. Thank you to everyone who comes to help in the pits, watch the races & support Dawson. -Dawson- Thank you to my overly supportive Mom that has taken care of me and pushed me to continue my racing dreams.

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