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Kris Hicks

Drivers Bio: 
ADDRAK itself is named after a MARINE CORP fire control acronym. Which we borrowed and used in the Army as a Shooter/Spotter Acronym. · A – Alert · D – Description · D – Direction · R – Range · A - Assignment · K – Control. (We changed the C to a K for the founder of the race team) ADDRAK RACING had been a dream for decades. Kris Hicks the founder of ADDRAK Racing has a passion for four-wheeling, motocross, whitewater kayaking, hunting and just about anything outdoors. Outdoor adventures stem deep in the heritage of his family. Kris’ Grandfather was a patriot and one of the original pioneers of the Rubicon, running Willy’s Flat Fenders through the sierras and the greater parts of the nevada desert and mexico. We put together the ADDRAK RACING TEAM with an idea and we put that idea in to action. We will have a car in three different classes. 4400 Unlimited (Kris Hicks) and 4900 UTV (Jim Henle) are up and running. With a 4800 Legends car in the works… Kris Hicks, our 4400 Unlimited driver served in the US ARMY CA National Guard from 2009 – 2015. He is a husband and a father to three of the most beautiful kids on the planet. After years of rock crawling, motocross and outdoor adventure, Kris made the decision that it’s time to pick up the pace. Kris’ thrill for speed and love of rock crawling soon put him square in the sights of Ultra4. Kris lives in Santa Rosa California with his beautiful wife Denise and their three kids, Georgia, Gus and the youngest Greta. Kris currently works as the Operations Manager for Vimark Vineyards based out of Geyserville, CA. “We put this team together with help from friends and family. We plan to continue this into the future with family, friends and competition being the focus.” -Kris Hicks

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