Mad Mike Bedwell

Drivers Bio: 
Mad Mike got his racing start in the late 60s & 70s, Buggy Racing at Ascot Raceway, in a buggy built by Mike & his father. Those races were usually dominated by Roger and Rick Mears. Mike and his father twice raced the Baja 1000, in a buggy built by Mikes father. Because the buggy had dual steering, brake and throttle controls for both Mike and his Dad, they never had to stop for driver changes. In the 70s & 80s, Mike built and drove Sprint cars, and later winged Sprint cars. For a few years, his company MAD Fabrication kept him too busy building chassis, to drive full time. That eventually led Mike to the NASCAR Super Late Model division, where Mike built, drove and owned a Super Late Model team, which raced at Irwindale, Mesa Marin and Orange Show Speedway. Mike then found himself involved with the Ultra 4 Team of Big Ugly Racing, so it wasn't too hard to get Mike involved with the EMC team 4540 effort in 2013. Mike fabricated and drives the 4540 Motorsports and OGR race Jeep, but the effort is pure teamwork. With all of his racing experience, MAD Mike says the 4540 Old Guys Racing team, is the best team he has been involved with to date. MAD Mike says," don"t judge them because you see snow on their roofs, their hearts will warm your soul with their never give up attitude". The Team feels the same way about Mike, we are proud to have Mad Mike Bedwell as our driver of the 4540 Motorsports, Ultra 4 entry. 2015 finished 2nd in the Western Regional Series and 2nd in the Ultra4 National Championships.

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