2019 KOH Hammer Town Addresses are HERE!

The wait is over! Here are the official Hammer Town Garage Addresses for KOH 2019 by Driver of Record!

Check out your spot, introduce yourself to any neighbors you don't know and get us your tent orientations (and any last-minute tent orders) by 5pm Pacific Wednesday, January 16th! At that time, we're closing down tent sales and locking everything in! Ready..... Go!

Click HERE for a larger 2019 Hammer Town Map!

2019 Hammer Town Addresses and Tents

Name Address Tent
Aaron Clark 237 Spidertrax 10x20
Adam Householder 25 Holley 20x20
Airen Patrick 125 Savvy  
Alan Ampudia 33 Nitto  
ALBERT CONTRERAS 113 Spidertrax  
Alex McNeil 136 Genright 20x30
Alex Wacker 221 Spidertrax 20x30
Andrew Gorman 108 Yukon  
Andrew McLaughlin 136 Griffin 20x30
Andrew Walker 225 Spidertrax  
Andy McMillin 12 Nitto 20x40
Anthony Arreola 229 Savvy 20x30
Anthony McAbee 117 Nitto  
Anthony Yount 120 Spidertrax  
Apdaly Lopez 25 Nitto  
Arturo Soria 233 Spidertrax  
Austin Weiland 228 Nitto  
Bailey Campbell 105 Spidertrax  
Bailey Cole Short Course Suburbs  
Barry Smethurst 224 Savvy  
Ben Jones 232 Spidertrax  
Beverly Croy 129 Savvy 20x20
Bill Schultz 224 Genright  
Billy Wilson Short Course Suburbs 20x20
BJ Baldwin 17 Nitto 20x40
Brad Lovell 133 Spidertrax  
Brad Lovell 137 Spidertrax  
Brandon Miller 205 Nitto  
Brendon Thompson Short Course Suburbs  
Brent Goegebuer 112 Yukon  
Brett Sourapas 29 Holley  
Brian Caprara 232 MBRP 20x80
Broc Smith 224 Nitto 20x20
Bryan Crofts 109 Spidertrax  
Bryce Menzies 137 Savvy 10x20 & 20x40
Cameron Steele 13 Holley  
Campbell UTV 104 Genright  
Casey Currie 100 Spidertrax  
Casey Gilbert 213 Savvy  
Casey Scherer Short Course Suburbs  
Chad Howell 117 Holley  
Chad Owens 208 MBRP 20x20
Chance Hollaman 220 Genright  
Chayse Caprara 236 MBRP  
Chip MacLaughlin 224 Spidertrax  
Chris Borowick Short Course Suburbs 20x20
Chris Brown 112 Savvy  
Chris Holland 121 Genright  
Chris Hummer 129 Holley  
Chris Kaufman 104 Nitto  
Chris May 109 Genright  
Chris McDaniel 213 Holley 20x20
Christopher Ashton 120 Savvy  
Christopher D'Auria 225 Holley 20x30
Christopher Pierce 117 Savvy  
Christopher Vaske 128 Spidertrax  
Chuck Crossland 129 Spidertrax  
CJ Bynum 105 Holley  
CJ Greaves Short Course Suburbs  
Clay Gilstrap 209 Spidertrax 20x30
Cody Addington 204 Savvy  
Cody Currie 104 Spidertrax  
Cody St Clair 204 Genright  
Cody Young 228 MBRP  
Cole Clark 32 Nitto  
Cory Berge 100 Nitto  
Craig Allen 229 Genright  
Craig Scanlon 229 Nitto  
Dale Dondell 20 Holley  
Dan Fresh Short Course Suburbs  
Dan McMillan 16 Nitto  
Dan Wyrick 204 Nitto  
Daniel Markley 208 Spidertrax  
Daniel May-Applegate 221 Holley  
Daniel Roderick Little Europe  
Daniel Sach 36 Holley  
Darrell Gray 213 Spidertrax  
Darrell Krebsbach 236 Spidertrax  
Darren Henke 200 Yukon 20x30
Darrin Doucette 232 Savvy  
Dave Oliver 228 Yukon  
Dave Schneider Short Course Suburbs  
David Ball 116 Yukon  
David Hartman 217 Griffin  
David Newell 236 Nitto  
David Shields 121 Savvy 20x20
Dawson Allington 136 Yukon 20x20
Dennis Lapp 225 Savvy  
Derek West 213 Griffin 20x20
Devin Aymond 28 Holley  
Don Fisher Short Course Suburbs 20x40
Don Radtke 105 Nitto 20x20
Donnie C Kehlenbeck 128 Yukon  
Drew Herdeman 112 Spidertrax  
Duane Garretson 117 Griffin 20x30
Dustin Isenhour 201 Genright  
Dustin Jones 113 Nitto  
Dustin Sexton 101 Griffin  
Edwin Abd 129 Griffin  
Eric Brinker 216 Genright  
Eric Hustead 229 Spidertrax  
Eric Hustead 21 Holley  
Eric Miramon 200 Savvy 20x40
Eric Wicks 220 Spidertrax 20x40
Erik Miller 201 Savvy  
Evan Berman 108 Savvy 10x20
Evan Engelhardt 116 Spidertrax 20x20
Fabio Manno 108 Spidertrax 20x30
George Pronesti 228 Savvy 20x20
Gomez Brothers 233 Nitto  
Gomez Brothers Short Course Suburbs  
Grant Farwell 233 Genright  
Greg Adler Short Course Suburbs 20x40
Greg Uffins Short Course Suburbs  
Hunter Sparrow 213 Genright  
Inaki Lanzagorta Little Europe  
Irl Christie 213 Nitto  
Jacob Peek 124 Spidertrax  
Jacob Versey 124 Savvy  
Jade Wickham 104 Yukon  
James Cantrell 212 MBRP  
James Haskin 113 Holley  
Jason Blanton 121 Griffin  
Jason Bond Waits 121 Spidertrax 10x20
Jason Chase 36 Nitto  
Jason Scherer Short Course Suburbs  
Jason Shipman 204 MBRP  
Jason Weller 225 Griffin  
Jason Weller 229 Griffin  
Jeff Hautamaki 217 Spidertrax 20x20
Jeff McKinlay 233 Griffin 20x40
Jeremy Jones Short Course Suburbs  
Jesse James Short Course Suburbs  
Jesse Lee 212 Spidertrax  
Jesse Oliver 216 MBRP  
Jimmy Haughy 133 Nitto 20x20
Jimmy Jack 136 Nitto  
Jimmy Johnson 220 Nitto  
Jimmys 4x4 200 Griffin  
Jimmys 4x4 204 Griffin  
Joe Hutchins 121 Holley  
Joe Machier 121 Nitto 20x40
Joe Shilliday 124 Genright  
Joey Simeone 225 Genright  
John Grounds 232 Genright 20x40
John Hall 228 Spidertrax  
John Lay 208 Nitto  
John Matthews 113 Griffin 20x20
John Snell 236 Genright  
John Williams 128 MBRP  
Johnny Harper 137 Nitto  
Jonathan Brenthel 28 Nitto  
Jonathan Terhune 117 Genright  
Jonny Greaves Short Course Suburbs  
Jordan Pellegrino 101 Genright 20x20
Josh Barkey 125 Nitto  
Josh Blyler 205 Savvy  
Josh Chapman 233 Holley  
Joshua Daniel 13 Nitto 20x40
Joshua Smith 132 Spidertrax  
Justin Baney 221 Genright  
Justin Barth 221 Nitto  
Justin Cochran 237 Holley  
Justin Hall 237 Nitto  
Justin Lofton Short Course Suburbs  
Justin Matney 21 Nitto  
KC Crawford 216 Spidertrax 20x20
Keith Ratzburg 116 Savvy 20x20
Ken Carter 217 Genright  
Kent Fults 200 MBRP 10x20
Kenneth Goodall 224 Yukon 20x40
Kevin Fox 133 Holley 20x20
Kevin Hart 201 Nitto 10x20
Kevin Hart 200 Spidertrax
Kevin Stearns Short Course Suburbs 20x20
Kimberly Sparrow 209 Genright  
Kris Hicks 236 Yukon  
Kurtis Harryman 108 MBRP  
Kyle Wickham 100 Yukon  
Larry Roeseler 16 Holley  
LetzRoll 133 Griffin  
Levi Shirley 201 Spidertrax  
Levi Shirley 205 Spidertrax  
Logan Goodall 220 Yukon  
Loren Healy Short Course Suburbs  
Loren Healy 201 Griffin
Luke McMillan 20 Nitto  
Lyndon Sheppard 132 Genright  
Marc Burnett 101 Nitto
Matt Burkett 136 Spidertrax 20x20
Matt Holt 109 Holley  
Matt Howell Short Course Suburbs 20x40
Matt Mangin 209 Nitto  
Matt Peterson 132 Savvy  
Matt Thorson 104 Savvy  
Matt Trebino 237 Savvy  
Matt Zeiler 137 Genright  
Matthew McCowan 232 Yukon  
Michael Bostick 232 Nitto  
Michael Faltz 217 Savvy  
Michael Feagins 105 Genright  
Michael Hen Little Europe  
Michael Heston 221 Savvy  
Michael Justo 124 Yukon  
Michael Keisling 217 Nitto  
Michael London 216 Yukon  
Michael Palmer 112 Nitto  
Michael Sawyer 120 Genright  
Michael Trebino 233 Savvy  
Mike Bergman Short Course Suburbs  
Mike Bou 216 Savvy 10x20
Mike Devore 125 Genright  
Mike Johnson 125 Spidertrax  
Mike Miller 212 Yukon 20x20
Mike Stokes 108 Nitto 20x20
Mitch Guthrie 108 Genright  
Mitch Guthrie JR 112 Genright  
Mitchell Thorpe 125 Holley 20x20
Nate Gesse 113 Genright  
Nate Williams 124 MBRP  
Nathan Creer 200 Nitto  
Neville Ciantar Little Europe  
Nicholas Montador Little Europe  
Nick Nelson 209 Griffin  
Pat Beckwith 136 Savvy  
Pat Dean 24 Holley  
Patrick Murray 120 Nitto 20x30
Paul Horschel 237 Griffin  
Paul Tyler 104 MBRP  
Phil Blurton 136 MBRP  
Quintin Hilburn 132 Yukon  
Randy Jelleff 225 Nitto  
Randy Watson 109 Savvy  
Randy Slawson Short Course Suburbs
Richard Fenton 100 Savvy 20x30
Rick Lavezzo 132 Nitto  
Rick Waterbury 208 Savvy 10x20
Rob MacCachren 37 Nitto 20x30
Robbie Lunsford 128 Nitto  
Robbie Pierce 17 Holley  
Robert Croy 133 Savvy  
Robert Osborne 204 Spidertrax  
Rock Bouncers 101 Holley  
Ronnie Anderson 116 Genright  
Ross Glave 236 Savvy  
Rusty Blyler 209 Savvy  
Ryan Arciero 29 Nitto  
Ryan Stambaugh 212 Genright 20x60
Scott Foley 237 Genright  
Scott Morse 105 Savvy  
Scott Muchow 132 MBRP  
Scott Pfister 200 Genright 20x30
Sean Leonardini 113 Savvy  
Sean McBride 116 MBRP  
Sean McNamara 120 Yukon  
Shane Smith 116 Nitto 10x20
Shannon Campbell 100 Genright  
Shawn Holland 208 Genright  
Shawn Rants Sr 221 Griffin  
Stan Haynes 129 Genright  
Steve Moore 112 MBRP  
Steve Olliges 205 Genright 20x40
Steven Robinson 124 Nitto  
Stjin Vekeman Little Europe  
Tanner Stephens 229 Holley  
Taran Halarewich 125 Griffin 20x30
Tavo Vildosola 12 Holley  
Thomas Cornelius 209 Holley  
Thomas Hart 128 Genright  
Tim Hooper 217 Holley  
Timothy Herbst 37 Holley 20x60
Todd Fry 109 Nitto  
Tom Liu 212 Nitto  
Tom Wayes Short Course Suburbs  
Tomas Llamas 117 Spidertrax  
Tracey Graf 24 Nitto  
Tracey Jordan Hammertown Heights  
Travis Cook 205 Griffin 20x20
Travis Zollinger 128 Savvy 20x20
Trey McKinlay 220 MBRP  
Troy Herbst 33 Holley  
Tyson Shimonek 204 Yukon 20x20
Vaughn Gittins Jr Short Course Suburbs  
Vaughn Neville 120 MBRP  
Vince Blas 228 Genright 20x40
Wade Coleman 129 Nitto  
Wayland Campbell 101 Spidertrax  
Will Harris 133 Genright  
Will Young 208 Yukon  
Yukon 105 Griffin  
Yukon 109 Griffin