2018 USAC FAQ for Drivers Riders Co-Drivers and Pit Crew

USAC for Drivers and Riders

USAC Insurance is now available for 2018 at the following link: ULTRA4license.com Please read this carefully as the process has been streamlined for 2018. Last year’s 2-step process is no more! When drivers sign up for USAC insurance online they will receive scannable tickets (QR Codes) for both competitor entry and Hammertown parking stickers redeemable at the front gate on Boone Rd. Please save these tickets, they must be redeemed at the front gate starting Friday 2/2.  Those registering will receive an email, but can also print or text tickets. Please note: the front gate administers parking stickers for entrance into Hammertown but ALL DRIVERS AND RIDERS MUST COMPLETE COMPETITOR REGISTRATION AT MAIN TENT IN HAMMERTOWN DURING REGISTRATION HOURS. 

Annual Vs. Single Event
Drivers racing only KOH may sign up for single event USAC insurance. Those paying single event insurance, must pay their tech fee separately by clicking here.  Drivers racing multiple ULTRA4 races should sign up for annual USAC insurance, which also covers the cost of the annual tech fee.  Motos riders do not have a separate tech fee. 

When Drivers and Riders sign up for their USAC insurance, they MUST select the parking package to receive their comped Hammertown Garage Parking Stickers. Drivers are comped 5 total stickers (1 competition, 3 car/truck/rv, 1 pit bike/utv). Riders are comped 2 stickers (1 competition, 1 car/truck/rv). Drivers and Riders may purchase additional parking stickers when registering for USAC.  Click here for more info on stickers

Please note: Co-drivers and Pit Crew are also eligible to purchase additional parking stickers when they purchase their USAC Bands. Only the person whose name is on the ticket can pick up the parking stickers at the front gate.

If more parking stickers are needed after all team members register, they will be available for purchase on site with cash. Supplies are limited to keep traffic in Hammertown reasonable. Parking stickers are non-refundable, so please do not purchase more than necessary. 

USAC Insurance for Co-Drivers and Pit Crew
Pit Crew and Co-drivers can sign up for either single use USAC insurance or an annual USAC insurance pass at this link: ULTRA4License.com . Co-drivers will need to sign up under Competition license, as will any pit crew members wanting an Annual License. When registering, Co-drivers and pit crew will receive a ticket/QR Code, please retain this code either via email, text or print. You will need to present it at the front gate to receive your wrist band. Please don't wait to download it until you are on the lake bed! Cell service is spotty. Save to your photos in advance! 

Annual vs. Single Event: 
If Co-drivers are racing more than one race in a season, the annual license is the way to go. For pit crew, the annual license makes sense if crew are planning to attend at least 4 ULTRA4 races in a season, or they would like the hard card for benefits such as the Jeep Discount Program. The annual license is available for crew members under Competition license. The single event is available under Hot Pit Access. Pit passes will be available for sale on the lake bed as well, but this process allows pit crew members to sign their waiver and pick up their own bands when entering hammertown and streamlines the process at the front gate. 

Co-drivers and Pit Crew are eligible to purchase additional parking stickers when purchasing their USAC for KOH. Only stickered vehicles will be able to drive, park and camp in the Hammertown Garage areas. The person whose name is on the ticket can pick up the parking stickers. If more parking stickers are needed after registration, they can be purchased at the front gate with cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

If I'm purchasing a pit band, do I also need a spectator band? 
No. You do not need a spectator band in addition to your pit band. 

Who needs a pit band? 
Anyone who will be working the pits and be in contact with the car on race day. If you have family members staying with you in Hammertown, that are are not planning to be in the pits on race day, all they need is a spectator band. You do not need a pit band to camp inside of Hammertown with a team. 

Why is there no price listed for Competition License? 
Fill it out, and select your race class and it will populate with the appropriate price.  The price is not the same for 4400/Motos/UTV or between drivers and co-drivers. All prices for 2018 are the same as 2017. 

Do I need to purchase additional parking stickers? 
Each 4WD competitor gets 3 Car/Truck/RV parking stickers with their entry. If you are staying in Hammertown as a team member, and you have a vehicle(s) that will be entering/exiting hammertown between 2/2 at 9AM and 2/9 at 10PM, then yes, you will need a parking sticker for any vehicles looking to enter Hammertown during that time. Vehicles must be able to fit in assigned Hammertown address location for each team. Vehicles cannot be parked on the streets of Hammertown. These routes must be maintained for fire access. Teams should keep this in mind with the number of pit crew they  have camping in their 40x80 spot in Hammertown and plan accordingly. 

I forgot to purchase additional parking stickers with my order, what do I do
If you have a pit band or a competitor band, you will be able to purchase parking stickers at the gate. Or, if you have team members who have yet to register, ask them to get an additional parking sticker and reimburse them! 

Can I sign up all of my team members at once for pit bands?
Pit band sign up is one at a time as waivers need to be signed. While some teams go through the process for each team member, we would suggest you have each team member do it on their own and reimburse them. This way their insurance waivers are signed by them. 

I forgot/lost my tickets, is there any way you can send them to me again? 
You can retrieve all of your tickets using your email address at ULTRA4License.com along the top of the page there is a gray bar that says "resend confirmation" click this button and you can re-send your tickets.

What do I need to bring with me to the front gate? 
After you pay for your bands and/or parking stickers, you are given the option to text/print tickets. When you click on the tickets you will see a scannable black and white box which is a QR Code. This code is what you need to have available either printed on a piece of paper that can be scanned at the front gate, or as a photo that can be scanned on your phone. 

We may be getting in late, what are the hours that the front gate will be open? 
The front gate is open 24/7 starting at 9AM on Friday, February 2nd through mid day Friday, February 9th. 

Do I still need to go to the main tent after I get my wrist bands at the front gate? 
All Competitors of Record (Drivers and Riders) MUST register in person in the large tent during registration hours. Your band and parking stickers get you into Hammertown, but for course downloads and to receive your Yellowbrick Tracker, you MUST register at the big registration tent on site. Pit crew members do not need to register again. 

I'm getting to Hammertown before 2/2, so can I just pick up my parking stickers and wrist bands at registration in Hammertown? 
No. You will need to go to the front gate. They can scan your QR codes and give you wrist bands and parking stickers there. Please do this before registering in the main tent.

Do any pit bands come with my driver registration? 
No, drivers get their own wrist band, and 5 parking stickers with their registration. Each individual crew member needs to sign their own waiver, which means they need to sign up individually.

The web site says it's not secure. I don't want to enter my credit card information. 
ULTRA4License.com is just a an easy to remember link, the actual ticket purchase process is done on this site: https://usacracing.ticketspice.com/2018-ultra-4-competition-license feel free to use that link if you'd like. The landing page uses an iframe and still has the same security, but we understand why this makes some people uncomfortable.