2018 The Fab School Manufacturers Cup

With the first regional race of the 2018 ULTRA4 Series under our belt, we want to send out a reminder to drivers and manufacturers about The Fab School Manufacturers Cup. This is a new award for 2018!   

Which chassis manufacturer do you think will take home the first ever Fab School Manufacturers Cup? Top contenders are Miller Motorsports and Campbell Enterprises with Jimmy's 4x4 rounding out the top three after two rounds of racing in the season so far! 

How It Works
Points will be assigned to the top ten 4400 drivers at each ULTRA4 race in the 2018 season. The chassis manufacturer with the most points at the end of the season wins. Ten points will be assigned to the winner, nine points for 2nd place down through one point for the 10th place driver at each race. 

Who Competes
Any chassis manufacturer with at least three chassis competing in in the 4400 class during the 2018 series is eligible to compete for The Fab School Manufacturers Cup.  Manufacturers with more than five chassis competing in the season must notify ULTRA4 via email which five chassis they wish to have tracked for the 2018 season. Manufacturers that wish to compete for the cup, must notify ULTRA4 with their list of drivers no later than May 1st. 

Updated 5/16/18

Manufacturers Points after both KOH 2018 and 1 4WP Eastern and 1 Lasernut Western Race
Miller Motorsports - 46 Points
Campbell Enterprises - 43 Points
Jimmy's 4x4 - 25 Points
UFO Fabrication - 12 Points
Fishmouth Fabworks - 10 Points 

Manufacturers Points after both KOH 2018 and Shamokin results 
Miller Motorsports - 46 points
Campbell Enterprises -  18 points
Jimmy's 4x4 - 12 points
Fishmouth Fabworks - 10 Points (requires 3 cars in a season)
UFO Fabrication - 6 points (requires 3 cars in a season)
Tommy Glenn Chassis - 6 Points (requires 3 cars in a season)
Tribe 16 - 1 Point (requires 3 cars in a season) 

Manufacturers Points after KOH 2018 
Campbell Enterprises -  18 points
Miller Motorsports - 16 points
Fishmouth Fabworks - 10 Points
UFO Fabrication - 6 points
Jimmy's 4x4 - 4 points
Tribe 16 - 1 Point

Sample Results after KOH and Shamokin 

Nitto King of The Hammers Powered by Optima Batteries
POS Driver Manufacturer Manufacturer Points
1 Jason Scherer  FishMouth Fabworks 10
2 Erik Miller  Miller Motorsports 9
3 Wayland Campbell  Campbell Enterprises 8
4 Josh Blyler Miller Motorsports 7
5 Raul Gomez UFO Fabrication 6
6 Shannon Campbell Campbell Enterprises 5
7 Loren Healy Jimmys 4x4 4
8 Brian Caprara Campbell Enterprises 3
9 Levi Shirley  Campbell Enterprises 2
10 Clay Gilstrap Tribe 16 1
RockKrawler Showdown in Shamokin      
1 Josh Blyler Miller Motorsports 10
2 Erik Miller Miller Motorsports 9
3 Derek West Jimmys 4x4 8
4 Jeff Brown Miller Motorsports 7
5 Chris May Tommy Glen Chassis 6
6 Chad Hundt Artec SS 5
7 Rusty Blyler Miller Motorsports 4
8 Michael Ayersman   3
9 Tim Diekmann LII Eliminator 2
10 Matt Garofalo Garafalo  1
MetalCloak Stampede
1 Wayland Campbell Campbell Enterprises 10
2 Cody Addington Jimmy's 4x4 9
3 Levi Shirley Campbell Enterprises 8
4 Shannon Campbell Campbell Enterprises 7
5 Raul Gomez UFO Fabrication 6
6 Andrew McLaughlin LetzRoll Off Road  5
7 Darren Henke Jimmy's 4x4 4
8 Paul Horschel   3
9 Jeff McKinlay Jimmy's 4x4 N/A
10 Shane Chiddix Jimmy's 4x4 N/A
Jimmy's drivers are: Loren Healy, Derek West, Cody Addington, Darren Henke, Nick Nelson
Campbell Drivers are: Wayland, Shannon, and Bailey Campbell, Levi Shirley and Brian Caprara
Miller Motorsports drivers are: Erik Miller, Josh Blyler, Rusty Blyler and Jeff Brown