Driver Registration Info Schedule for KOH Week

In an effort to better service our drivers we've created a schedule for when Registration will be open on site during King of The Hammers week.

The first thing all drivers should do upon arriving on the lake bed is proceed to registration. Drivers should be prepared with the following information upon arrival at registration.

  1.  Name and cell phone for team's point of contact throughout week. This should preferably NOT be the driver, and ideally a Verizon Cell phone.
  2.  Radio Frequency of Race Team
  3. Confirmation of location on Lake Bed
  4. Cash to pay remaining balances for pit crew members/registration and to purchase any desired merchandise.
Drivers will receive a driver packet with a card. This card will allow a team member to receive a GPS download from PCI on site 

Driver Registration Hours:

Fri. 2/1: 9AM - 4PM  - Griffin Lounge
Sat. 2/2: 9AM- 4PM - Griffin Lounge
Sun 2/3: 10AM - 2PM - Griffin Lounge
Mon 2/4: 10AM - 2PM - TBD
Tues. 2/5: 10AM - 2PM - TBD
Wed. 2/6 10AM - 2PM AND 7PM - 9PM - TBD
Thurs. 2/7 6AM - 8AM (EMC & UTV PIT BANDS ONLY - Cost is $50 a pit band for last minute pit crew members.)
Thurs. 2/7 10AM - 2PM AND 7PM - 9PM (pit bands will be the regular $25 at this time)
Fri. 2/8  6AM - 8AM (ULTRA4 PIT BANDS ONLY - Cost is $50 a pit band for last minute pit crew members)